Pompano Beach Properties: Fix & Flip of Fix & Hold?

The argument between fix and hold for Pompano Beach properties and fix and flip are an ongoing debate among local commercial real estate investors. At Corporate Funding, we have put together an easy guide to follow, in order to help you make the correct decision when acquiring new investment properties.

Pompano Beach Fix & Hold Properties

Not all investment properties are ready to be flipped. In fact, some make better revenue generating investments as rentals instead of flipping projects. Fix and hold is a relatively new trend for Pompano Beach properties. Investor are purchasing Pompano Beach properties, giving them a complete overhaul, and then waiting on the commercial real estate market for the right time to list them and gain the maximum profit possible. The other way to handle Fix and hold for Pompano Beach properties is to purchase them, complete renovations, rent them out for an extra steam of revenue, and continue to make ongoing improvements until you are ready to sell. Essentially, the rent from the property goes towards repaying any loans as well as the mortgage, which offsets the cost of the home while it matures, until you are ready to sell. Fix and hold is a smart strategy for commercial real estate investors in the Pompano Beach area who want to rack up equity in their portfolios while potentially generating revenue until other comps in the area indicate that it’s an ideal time to sell.

Fix & Flip For Pompano Beach Properties

Some neighborhoods in Pompano Beach, FL are ideal to fix and flip projects today. It is very easy for both new and established commercial real estate investors to find houses at below market value to renovate and sell for a profit. Fix and flip projects for Pompano Beach properties gives local commercial real estate investors immediate revenue while simultaneously revitalizing neighborhoods. If a particular property doesn’t immediately sell in the Pompano Beach area, that house can always be rented out to offset the mortgage while bringing in revenue, until such time as there is a buyer. In short, Pompano Beach properties do not have to be one or the other. The options are always available to generate revenue through renting, increasing equity value in your portfolio, or flipping a property depending on the market of the Pompano Beach real estate market.

Corporate Funding offers programs for both fix and flip as well as fix and hold transactions. Contact our offices today to learn more.

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