Orlando Owner Occupied Properties: 5 Advantages For Investors

The market for owner occupied properties is on the rise in the United States. In particular, the recent boom in the commercial real estate market in Florida had caused investors to consider the many advantages of Orlando owner occupied properties. While Orlando owner occupied properties are great revenue-generating additions to any investment portfolio, there are other advantages which are frequently overlooked.

Orlando Owner Occupied Properties Give Investors More Control

Some local property investors prefer a more hands on approach. Leaving things in the hands of a property management may help to automate many functions on rentals, but it also take some control out of the hands of investors. Owner occupied properties allow commercial real estate investors to keep a closer eye on maintenance, potential renovations and expenses, and the tenants themselves. For newer investors, Orlando owner occupied properties save money on hiring management companies, which can eat into a budget when trying to build up a real estate investment portfolio.

Better Tenant Quality

When a portion of a rental property is also occupied by the owner, tenants are better behaved. Orlando owner occupied properties give investors the ability to screen tenants more thoroughly. Additionally, tenants seem to be much better about adhering to the ground rules when they know the property owner lives right next door. Noise levels go down, apartments are cleaner, and tenants are more inclined to keep up with yard work, and even make minor improvements if they have the know how.

Tax Write Offs On Repairs

Owner occupied properties give Orlando area commercial real estate investors a number of tax benefits as well. For instance, if the property needs repairs of some sort, the materials used can be deducted when filing taxes. As always, claims on tax deductions need to be supported by corresponding documentation, so keep hold of any receipts from the hardware store.

Depreciation On Orlando Owner Occupied Properties

Unlike residential homeowner, commercial real estate investors can claim depreciation on the rented portion of an owner occupied property. The percentage of the property which is rented out to tenants can yield hundreds or even thousands of dollars in depreciation deductions.

Financing For Orlando Owner Occupied Properties

There are many financing options available for people looking to purchase owner occupied properties. There are specific programs available through SBA loans for owner occupied properties. Bridge loans, CMBS loans, and more can also be used to purchase and renovate owner occupied properties. At Corporate Funding, we specialize in financing solutions for Orlando area investors. Contact our offices today to learn more about the advantages of owner occupied properties.

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