The Accessibility of a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan

In the modern world of business, financing is an incredibly common and beneficial tool that small business owners have access to. However, traditional loans can still be seen as difficult to qualify for and pay back. Maybe you have even applied for a loan and been denied. No matter your situation, stated income commercial real estate loans are a completely different kind of financing. They are designed to be more accessible and easy to apply for, even if you have been denied in the past. The biggest difference is the way qualification is determined. Instead of your credit history and credit score, like more loans, the amount of profits of your business is the primary aspect that determines whether you qualify or not. This means that anyone can qualify, regardless of their past, as long as the business they own is succeeding.

How You Can Use Your Stated Income Loan

Because stated income loans are great for owners of businesses which are doing well, this kind of financing specifically is most often used for expansion or growth. Other ways you can leverage your new working capital include:

  • Remodel
  • Refinance
  • Acquire or repair equipment
  • Consolidate your existing debt
  • Hire more staff or provide training
  • Invest in your marketing plan
  • Purchase new real estate

No matter what you plan to use your stated income commercial real estate loan on, Corporate Funding will be here to help you thrive. We always make a point of working with our clients to ensure a customized and person financial plan is developed which meets your unique needs specifically. Our financial team are all experts when it comes to financing, so you can count on getting a professional and knowledgeable opinion on your situation. To learn more about the potential for financing you have, give Corporate Funding a call and set up an appointment.


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