The Benefits of Having the SBA Back Your Small Business Loan

If you are a small business owner, you likely have already considered the possibility of applying for a loan. Maybe you have already applied for one and been denied. Traditional loans have a bad reputation, but the Small Business Administration helps small business owners achieve the financing they need to succeed. With the help of the SBA, small business loans are easier to qualify for, simpler to repay, and more capital can be attained. Learn more about how you can get the Small Business Administration to back your small business loan. Turn to Corporate Funding to get all the financial help you need.

Being Backed by the Small Business Administration

The biggest difference from a traditional loan when you get backed by the SBA is the size of the financing. Even very small businesses can receive an impressive sum of money in order to improve, expand, or simply get back on track. Other benefits include:

  • Simpler application process
  • Quicker approval time
  • Less paperwork required
  • Lower qualifications

At Corporate Funding, we specialize in 7z and 504 programs. We are very familiar with working alongside the Small Business Administration and can maximize your chances of having your small business loan backed.

Corporate Funding is your financing company. We take our clients’ needs very seriously. That is why we always make a point of working alongside every small business owner we help. We want to examine each unique situations carefully and figure out the best financing option possible. You know that your business is not the same as any other business out there, so the financing path you choose should be just as unique and specialized. Give us a call today to get the process started and learn more about how you can be approved for a loan. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about financing.


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