Equipment Financing For Your Industry

At Corporate Funding, you’ll find a wide array of funding options that will meet your business needs. One of our most popular products makes sure that your business has the equipment it needs to be successful in today’s marketplace. We have equipment financing and leasing for business-related items, such as backhoes, bulldozers, computers and software. With competitive rates and terms, we can help new businesses, established businesses and government or municipalities.

Programs We Have

The criteria for equipment leasing and financing varies. For established businesses, we have applications for equipment up to $150,000 without financial statements. We have options for no or little down payment, saving your working capital for other projects. We also have various payment structures to fit into your budget.

Government agencies, such as schools, fire houses, police departments and the military are welcome to apply for equipment leasing. We have guaranteed-approved financing at competitive terms.

If you have existing equipment, but need some additional working capital, we have a sale and leaseback program. We purchase the equipment from your business, then lease it to you for a term. When you have made the payments, ownership transfers back to your company.

Our startup program is great for new businesses without a credit history. If you’re less than two years old, we have financing options for equipment that you need to provide products and services. We also have a B, C and D credit program. If your business has experienced a downfall, then ask us about getting the equipment that keeps your business up-to-date and competitive.

Why Choose Leasing?

Equipment leasing may be a good option if you need to preserve existing credit lines. By leasing new equipment, you eliminate equipment obsolescence, get tax and accounting advantages and keep your cash free for other needs. Leasing has fixed, low monthly payments and lower down payments than equipment financing. Talk to one of our financial professionals today to find out how leasing or financing can fit into your business goals and dreams.

Corporate Funding headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta was founded in 1837 as the end of the Western & Atlantic railroad line. It remains a large transportation hub for the entire world today as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the nation’s busiest in daily passenger flights. Atlanta is also known as the capital city of the Southwest and in the past two decades the metro population has grown by 40%. This has helped the economy thrive as 26 companies headquartered in the metro Atlanta area are among the 2017 FORTUNE 1000, and 15 of those companies are also ranked in the 2017 FORTUNE 500. Corporate Funding offers our variety of business financing options to help businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, and the outside U.S., grow and expand. Contact us today at 404-890-8500 to let us help your business find the right partner it needs.