Equipment Leasing vs. Equipment Buying

Industries like construction and manufacturing usually require the frequent use of all kinds of equipment, many of it on the expensive side. If your business is looking for ways to save money and resources, you may want to consider equipment leasing over buying. Here are a few main reasons that leasing could be the most beneficial option for you.


Avoid Credit Issues


The reality of building good credit is that it takes time. While understandable from the perspective of a bank that needs proof of low risk, new or struggling businesses don’t always have that time. If credit is an issue when it comes to purchasing or taking out loans to buy the equipment you need to complete projects, leasing is a valid option that doesn’t depend on good credit. It may be quite possible for you to obtain a leasing arrangement based on your ability to put down a deposit and make regular payments.


Upgrade Your Equipment


Equipment leasing gives you the opportunity to use newer and updated machinery you may not otherwise be able to afford. Instead of making do with old equipment that’s not always up to the task, leasing allows you access to finer products that make your jobs more efficient. While it might still be advantageous to own some of your own equipment, think about how taking out a lease could give you an edge over the competition.


Save on Repairs


Equipment ownership means being accountable for everything that happens to it.  Even the best equipment needs maintenance and repairs at times. Avoid being responsible for those costs by leasing your equipment and letting the leasing company take care of upkeep. Cutting down on those expenses that tend to build up over time could make all the difference in a particularly busy season.


Access When You Need It


Every establishment has that old piece of the equipment in the corner that nobody uses or touches. Don’t let valuable equipment you’ve invested in go to waste collecting dust. If you only need a certain piece of machinery for one unique project, leasing is a great way to escape the burden of having to deal with it afterwards. It makes the most sense to only commit to the use of equipment needed for only one or two jobs.


Equipment leasing is one of the most convenient and rewarding ways to save money for your company. Get the most of your arrangement by finding a leasing company willing to work with your needs and priorities.



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