Atlanta CRE Properties: The Advantages of Stated Income Loans

The commercial real estate market in Atlanta, GA is giving rise to a new wave of entrepreneurs who want to launch a career in buying, leasing, and selling properties. However, finding the right financing for Atlanta CRE properties can be challenging.

Atlanta CRE Properties and Traditional Lenders

Banks and similar lending institutions are not exactly comfortable with Atlanta CRE properties being handled by independent investors. As such, traditional lenders have tightened the requirements on CRE loans. Investors not only have to navigate the red tape involved with the loan application process, but they must show proof of drawing a regular salary from an employer. Commercial real estate investors rarely draw a regular salary. Revenue is generated when CRE properties sell, or when tenants pay rent. In both cases, the amount earned is rarely the same, and properties rarely sell at the same time every week. The proof of salary requirement has left many Atlanta CRE investors feeling marginalized with few financing options available. Even worse, potentially lucrative opportunities are missed because of these high requirements.

An Alternative Take on Lending

Stated income loans provide funding for Atlanta CRE properties without requiring proof of salary. Instead, stated income loans use proof of revenue, backed up by bank statements and tax returns. This allows individuals who make a living in the Atlanta CRE property market to get the funding they need without having to jump through hoops or dealing with the bureaucracy of traditional lending institutions. Stated income loans can be arranged quickly, so Atlanta CRE investors do not have to worry about putting plans on hold or missing a window of opportunity.


Stated income loans provide the capital needed to take on a wide range of transactions. Stated income loans can be used for remodeling projects, commercial real estate acquisitions, debt consolidation on existing loans, refinancing commercial mortgages, and more. Atlanta CRE investors can use stated income loans to go beyond the limitations of traditional financing programs and get funding that is tailored to their needs.

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