Leasing Customer

Working Together for Your Competitive Advantage

Aspen Corporate Funding is working to bring you the kinds of flexibility and competitive programs that can meet your constantly changing needs. While we’re maintaining our traditional focus on your equipment leasing and financing requirements, we also offer innovative financing for all types of equipment.

Aspen Corporate Funding has equipment financing programs that can satisfy your unique product acquisitions based on your priorities, such as tax, cash flow, upgrade, technology, and many other issues that are unique to you. We understand that organizations must undergo changes as they progress through various stages of development. That is why Aspen Corporate Funding has different financial vehicles that are focused on providing solutions that satisfy a client’s particular need at a particular time.


Aspen Corporate Funding constantly researches tax and accounting rules, equipment life projections and similar data to track the ever-changing needs of our clients in order to create new financial products and structures to meet those needs.

Strategic Business Units

Aspen Corporate Funding has structured its Equipment Leasing Division into several strategic business units so that each can focus on specific industries. Aspen Corporate Funding Account Executives are trained and encouraged to become experts in specific industries. They attend key trade shows, read industry trade publications and attend seminars so that they are aware of the latest developments affecting their clients. Therefore, your Aspen Corporate Funding representative is likely to thoroughly understand your company’s industry and equipment.

Few other companies can offer industry-focused expertise throughout such a broad range of industries including:

  • Business Computers
  • Office Equipment
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Printing Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Software
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment

Aspen Corporate Funding finances equipment nationwide. As a proven financing partner to variety of industries, we offer you our experience, capital strength and commitment to customized service. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our complete range of financing solutions with you. Contact us today.