Benefits of Leasing

Technology Advantages

More choices, more equipment, and lower costs:
Nearly any type of business equipment can be obtained through equipment leasing. With a lease, you can specify the manufacturer, the model number, even the source. You’re covered by all conventional manufacturers’ warranties. And because lease payments are usually lower than other forms of financing, your leasing dollar allows you to acquire more of the equipment your business needs or more advanced equipment. In addition most soft costs can be included such as delivery charges, installation, training, and software to ensure the equipment is productive immediately and again reducing the initial cash outlay.

Keeping your equipment up-to-date:
When you lease, you’re never tied to outdated machinery, equipment, or software. At the end of the lease you have complete flexibility: you can return the property to the leasing company, purchase it for the amount of the option you chose at the beginning of the lease or even renegotiate the lease and continue leasing the property under new terms. Your choice. Most importantly, you are able to avoid the burden and cost of the recycling and disposal of the equipment. During the term of the lease you also have the ability to upgrade your equipment or software if necessary.

Technology and Ownership Considerations:
Transferring the risks of ownership to the funding source allows the customer to migrate to the latest technology as it becomes available. Benefits are derived through the use and not the ownership of capital equipment.

Leasing is Profitable:
Using equipment, not by owning it, generates profits. Let the equipment pay for itself through increased revenues or savings from its use.

Flexible Programs:
Lease payment plans can easily be designed to mirror the useful life of the equipment or to match the cash flow and budget of the company. Monthly or quarterly plans, seasonal plans, step-payment plans, and 90-day deferred plans are some of the options available. Upgrade or add-on (co-terminus lease) can also be structured.

Protection from Equipment Obsolescence:
With the scheduled updating of your business equipment offered through equipment leasing, you can maintain a competitve edge, to keep you ahead of your competition. With an equipment lease, upgrading to newer technology during or after the lease is easy. In contrast, when equipment is purchased with cash or bank financing, there is an incentive to postpone any upgrade until the original investment has been recouped through depreciation, which hinders your flexibility. A planned replacement program avoids obsolescence and keeps you up to date with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

One-Stop Shopping:
Aspen Corporate Funding can package all your equipment leasing needs – hardware, software, services and warranties – into one low payment, representing a significant value in terms of saved time and decreased frustration. Tell us your needs and we will structure a financing program that meets those needs.

Equipment leasing with Aspen Corporate Funding is easy and convenient. Our documentation is minimal and payments are simple to budget.