Benefits of Leasing

Leasing Instead of Buying: One Very Smart Business Decision

It is the use of equipment, not ownership of equipment that generates profits. As equipment life cycles shorten in this high tech age, the wide acceptance of that simple precept explains the rise of equipment leasing activity.

Today, more than 80% of all U.S. corporations lease some or all of their equipment. Over one third of all equipment acquired in 1996 was acquired on a lease contract. That’s more than $150 billion worth. Even consumers are catching on, leasing more automobiles than ever before.

Whatever your business, whatever your strategies and objectives, in a dynamic business environment, leasing just makes more sense than buying. Leasing gives you financial flexibility, helps you meet changing technology needs quickly and easily, and may offer tax advantages, too. Equipment leasing is a powerful tool that saves you time and money and helps you gain the competitive edge.


Equipment leasing with Aspen Corporate Funding is easy and convenient. Our documentation is minimal and payments are simple to budget.