Equipment Vendor

Vendor Leasing Benefits:

Equipment Leasing

Increasingly, many businesses are making the decision to lease, rather than purchase, their equipment. You, as the vendor or dealer, can maintain as well as strengthen your relationships with your customers by serving as their single source for products, services, and equipment financing.

After you set up a Vendor Leasing Program with Aspen Corporate Funding, you can:

Expect Easier Credit Approvals
Aspen Corporate Funding offers a non-structured process of approving credit. Most other lessors have a credit model in which it either fits or it doesn’t. We look for mutually amicable methods to make your transaction work. Our diversified funding capability through the relationships we have with several national banks and financial institutions as well as recourse lines of credit with our own banks, gives us a lot of latitude in structuring transactions that would not otherwise meet conventional credit guidelines. Bottom line, we say yes more often.
 Establish Bigger Relationships
Since monthly lease payments are typically lower than loan payments, your customer can afford to acquire a larger package of equipment and services.
 Close Sales Faster
Lease payments can generally be approved quickly as part of your customer’s operating budgets. Also, the ability to pre-qualify your customers for credit helps you determine early in the selling cycle what they can afford.
 Extend Profits
By focusing your sales effort on the low monthly payments with equipment leasing, you can help avoid price discounting, thus increasing your profit margins.
 Consummate More Sales
A large percentage of leases do not remain in effect for their entire term since equipment leasing makes it so easy to trade up to new technology. This means future sales for you.
 Accelerate Access to Sales Proceeds
Quickly get A/R’s off your books by offering your customers a Vendor Leasing Program. Aspen Corporate Funding’s quick response puts money in your account immediately.

Please contact us today to learn how you can partner with Aspen Corporate Funding in order to provide a Vendor Leasing Program for your customers.